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De Groot Paterswolde BV Jachtontwerpen

The STRIKER , the harpoonist ..... master of the whaleboat ........ waiting untill his boat almost touched the whale before striking his harpoon ...............;

In this tradition today's STRIKER, since 1960 constructed of all welded marine aluminium alloy  and diesel engine powered, is widely chosen by discriminating sportfishermen as well as by professional seafarers in the pilot and patrol services ;

Nearly fifty years of STRIKER 's commitment to innovation and incorporation of the latest technologies has resulted in a proven and unequalled dependability and seakeeping performance in any kind  of weather and sea-condition.

We look forward to serve you : whether it is to be a turnkey  production or custom design produced by a worldwide chain of qualified builders ; also for a complete set  of construction drawings comprehensively detailed, with or without autocad metalwork handling, on site supervision, repowering /updating projects complying with IMO and CE rules, Lloyd's or DNV or any other classification.